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Best Uses for a Sunroom:  Popular and Practical

When adding extra square footage to your home, you'll need to know how to best use the added space.  Knowing exactly what you're getting into will help you know if you'll need to purchase specific decorative items or if you'll need to request customizations from your sunroom contractor to make your room exactly how you'd like it.  Below, we've listed the most popular sunroom uses to help give you some ideas of what to do with your new space.

Extra Playroom for the Kids

The most obvious reason for adding a sunroom is to have extra living space. This is true more than ever when you have kids in your home who have that habit of making every room their play room. A sunroom is a perfect place for your kids to escape to for playing games, coloring, or watching television. You’ll avoid having your entire home become the playroom and your kids will enjoy being in a safe room that feels like the outdoors.

Game Room / Bar

This is a common use especially for studio sunrooms and year round sunrooms. Homeowners often put a bar, television and couch on one side and a pool table on the other. What better place to have a group of friends over and enjoy the outdoors while being indoors? If your party happens to go late into the night, having a room with good insulation and high performing thermal windows will also reduce the noise your neighbors might hear and keep you out of trouble.  The same is true if you’d just like to keep one side of the house quiet while the other houses football night with the boys or a loud movie.

Spa / Pool Enclosure

Having a spa or pool inside an enclosed room is the perfect way to add privacy but still maintain a feeling of the outdoors. If you have a spa or swimming pool that is outdoors you may not always want to use it if the weather is bad. On the other hand, a spa or pool enclosure will allow you to swim or just soak and relax year round. You can also consider customizing the room with features like a steam room, heated tiles, and a sauna. Just be careful, with all those features you might not want to ever leave it!

Exercise Room

Are you trying to get into a regular routine of exercise? Do you not like the idea of joining a public gym where everyone can see you? Purchasing a weight set, running track and stationary bike is a perfect way to outfit your new sunroom. You can also hang a television from the ceiling or just enjoy the view of the outdoors while getting into shape. Sometimes getting into a workout routine just requires a separate space to go to. If you have a sliding door entrance to the house, just go into your exercise room and close the door behind you for privacy.

Home Office

Many people these days complain about working under fluorescent lights all week long while starving for more sunlight. If you are able to work from home, there is no better room to spend your working days in than a sunroom where you’ll have plenty of room and a great view. In addition, you’ll be saving gas money and can benefit from a tax write off for using a percentage of your home for work. Most agree that a sunroom provides a much more productive place to work than the standard cubicle.

Room for Pets

Tired of the dog leaving hair everywhere? Need to leave your pet somewhere safe while you’re out? Customize your sunroom to include pet doors and perhaps tile floors for easy cleaning. Your pet will enjoy the space that makes them feel like they are laying outdoors while having easy access to go play in the yard. Plus, if you have guests over who don’t like pets you’ll be able to confine your animals to a space where you know they’ll be happy.

Plant Room

Many sunroom styles (especially conservatories and solariums) are ideal places for plants to grow and thrive. If you have a room with glass walls and glass roof panels your plants will be able to capture light from all angles. In addition, caring for the plants will be easy since you’ll be able to do it year round and without having to go outside, connect the hose, etc. Finally, adding plants to a room that showcases the outdoors is a popular design idea and will make the room more appealing to you and to your visitors.

TV Room

A sunroom is perfect for accommodating that big flat screen television. With costs for flat screens going lower and lower, you’ll have new room to put that 60 inch screen that you’ve been dreaming about. You can also hire a professional to install surround sound to give you the full audio and visual experience. Add a comfortable leather couch and some recliners and you’ll never want to see a movie at the theater again.


Have you always wanted that private place to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and read the newspaper or a good book? Do you have a lot of books you’d like to showcase on bookshelves? Homeowners have often used sunrooms for exactly this purpose. Utilize the benefits the sunroom has to offer like extra light and privacy to make your library unique and inviting.

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