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Aluminum, Vinyl or Wood?  What Material is Best for my Sunroom?

It used to be that when building a home the materials you had to choose from were simple.  Wood, nails, and perhaps some sort of brick or stone.  In modern times, things have changed.  Today there are many material choices for you each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  When it comes to the materials used to build sunrooms, the three most popular choices are aluminum, vinyl and wood.  As you'll soon find out, each material has it's own unique advantage and whether you decide to purchase a sunroom using one of these materials over another will depend on your budget, your desired style, and your planned use for the sunroom.  To help you become familiar with each material type, we have included information below on each.

Aluminum Sunrooms | Price Quote

Aluminum has long been known to be one of the most sturdy building materials available.  Its light weight combined with its capacity to hold up heavy loads has made it a popular choice for homeowners looking to build a sunroom.  A huge advantage that these rooms have is in their ability to create more space for glass windows and panes.  Since aluminum is so structurally strong, it generally requires less of the material visible between glass panes to hold up the walls and roof of the room.  The more glass you see, the better view you'll have to the outdoors which is the whole point of building a sunroom in the first place, right?  Further, since aluminum comes in many colors you can easily match it to the design requirements of your existing home. 

Like anything, there are a couple of negatives to using aluminum.  The main point to keen in mind is that aluminum is not the best insulator around.  What does this mean?  It means that your room can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  Though there have been many advances in improving the thermal performance of aluminum, it is still naturally not a better insulator than wood or vinyl.  With that said, companies that offer aluminum rooms have refined their products to be far superior to those drafty rooms that were so popular in the 70s.  Some companies offer a composite structure that combines both aluminum and vinyl.  Some of the most popular aluminum sunroom models are listed below:

Vinyl Sunrooms | Price Quote

Vinyl sunrooms have become increasingly popular due to their exceptional thermal performance, low cost and the fact that they require little to no maintenance.  Of all three materials, vinyl is typically the best insulator.  When coupled with energy efficient dual paned windows and insulated roof panels, your room can keep you warm or cool with minimal energy required.  Due to it's popularity among sunroom manufacturers, vinyl rooms now come in a vast array of designs and sizes.  It is also preferred to other materials because of its ability to resist rust and because it does not require painting like wood does.  There are many companies that offer vinyl sunroom products but we have listed some of the most popular lines for you below:

Wood Sunrooms | Price Quote

So you're a traditionalist?  Well if that's the case, your best option will probably be wood when choosing your sunroom material.  Perhaps the best feature of wood is its own natural beauty.  Utilizing the look of natural wood grain from the wood species you choose, combined with unique styling and finish applied to the wood, will truly give you a sanctuary in your home unmatched by any other room.  Wood has long been known to be a good insulator as well so unlike with aluminum, you will not be giving up thermal performance.  Wood naturally withstands extreme temperature fluctuations and it also is minimally affected by condensation.  Wood sunrooms are typically on the higher end in terms of price and they also require more maintenance whether it's painting or refinishing.  Even still, they are a great option for those with the budget and for those looking for the best in sunroom design.  Below are a few of the popular wood rooms offered by popular sunroom brands:

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