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All Season Sunrooms (Four Season Sunrooms)

Most homeowners admit that their sunroom is the most popular room in their home.  Most will agree that they'd like to spend as much time as possible in it enjoying the natural light and the view of nature's beauty.  If you are considering adding a sunroom to your home and you live in a climate with four seasons, you'll want to go with an all season sunroom or four season sunroom so that you won't miss it once the snow or heavy winds come.  Though this will likely increase your overall cost and you'll have to do some added research to make sure you get the proper permits and that don't break any HOA rules, you'll be happy when it's raining or snowing outside and you're still sitting on your couch sipping coffee and enjoying the view of the great outdoors.

The key to building a sunroom that can be used year round is insulation.  Seasonal rooms are typically built with single pane glass and non-insulated roofs and non-insulated knee wall panels.  This is great for enjoying the spring or summer and part of the fall but they won't do you any good come winter.  To keep you warm in the winter months, you'll need a room that offers an insulated roof and dual paned energy efficient windows.  When it comes to the windows, you'll need Low-E glass which will provide better thermal performance and will make heating and cooling the room easier on your monthly energy bills.  Further, the glass will better protect your furniture and carpeting from the sun's rays.  Many sunroom companies offer a style of energy efficient glass such as Conservaglass and Ti Glass to name a couple.  Though some of these names may sound fancy, the main thing to look for is that they are dual paned or triple paned and that they are energy efficient.  You may also consider windows with a glazing which will better block the sun's rays and protect your furniture from fading.

When speaking to your sunroom contractor about insulation, you'll likely come across the term 'R Value'.  What this refers to is the overall efficiency of heat flow in the room.  The higher the R Value the lower your energy bills will be.  You'll want to make sure that your roof or roof panels have high R Values.  There are many sunroom roof styles to choose from and the best option will likely depend on the style of your home.

In conclusion, a sunroom built for use in every season is the most functional choice if you live in a climate with high temperature fluctuations.  If you live in a climate that is warm year round, you may be better off with a seasonal sunroom or even a screen enclosure.  The cost will be less and you won't require the added insulation that an all season sunroom provides.  If you're not so fortunate to have sun 365 days a year, you should build a room that will protect you on both cold days and warm days.  Your new room will truly be a new addition and will also add square footage onto your existing home.  With added square footage and added functionality, you'll be increases your home's value while also adding beauty and luxury.

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