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Screen Enclosures

There multiple ways to refer to a Screen Enclosures.  Common names include Patio Enclosures, Screen Rooms, Spa Enclosures, Pool Enclosures, Screened Porches, Covered Porches and Patios.  Regardless of the term used, they all essentially refer to the same thing.  A screened room is most commonly built from a deck or concrete patio, it is covered with an aluminum or wood roof, and is surrounded by screened walls.  These rooms are ideal for seasonal use as they do not have any windows or insulation.  Despite not being insulated, they still provide protection from the sun, they keep out annoying insects, and give you an extra room to enjoy.  Screen rooms are commonly built from wood, aluminum or vinyl all of which are strong materials to withstand wind and weather.

Do you have a deck or patio that you do not use as much as you'd like?  Screen Rooms are a great way to quickly make your patio or deck the best room in the house.  Also, with advances in technology, you can even keep your grill in the the room for cooking.  Most manufacturers offer screens made from a non-combustible material so you don't risk fire.  This is ideal especially if you like grilling at night when the bugs are out.  Even though the rooms aren't designed to live in during snowy winters, they will help keep your deck free of snow so that you can still grill outside despite the cold weather.

Screened Enclosure Benefits

  • Protection from bugs and insects
  • Simpler construction and less costly than a regular sunroom
  • Get more use out of an existing patio or deck
  • Typically covered by homeowner's insurance
  • Great in the summer for shade and another room in the home to use
  • Ideal for covering swimming pools or spas - keeps the pool cleaner allowing you to swim instead of clean

Do it Yourself Kits

There are several companies available that offer do it yourself kits for building screen rooms.  If you are handy and have some experience this could be a good choice for you as it will save cost.  Keep in mind that this is not the best option for all.  If you have little experience building you are probably better off going with a company that will build the room for you.  This will ensure that the room is built properly and that it will last for years to come.


The nice thing about screened enclosures as opposed to sunrooms is that the price is less.  With both types of rooms, your price will depend on the size of the room and the options you decide to get.  A very basic room can cost as little as a few thousand dollars while something more advanced can be 15,000 and above.

Manufacturers of Screen Enclosures

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