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Studio Sunrooms

Studio sunrooms are perhaps the most popular choice among homeowners when it comes to a room that is easily matched to your current home design.  They are also popular because they typically are a more affordable option.  Studio sunrooms appear as a natural extension to your existing home and can be used as a family room, home office, art studio, library or anything else you can think of where you'd like more light and the feeling of being outdoors.  They are usually best suited for single story homes but can be adapted to fit other home styles usually at a higher cost.  Studio sunrooms can withstand all seasons when built with high thermal performing and insulated windows and walls or they can be constructed as simply a seasonal room.  Your cost will most certainly rise if you are looking to be in the room year round.  Depending on where you live, you'll have to weigh the costs versus the benefits.  In a warm climate it may not be necessary to incur the added cost.  Luckily, some manufactures (such as Joyce Manufacturing) give you the option to start with a seasonal room and then upgrade at a later date if you wish when your budget allows.  If you live in a cooler climate and wish to be in the room year round, you'll also likely need to incorporate your existing heating and cooling system into this room.  Regarding home value, remember that typically you cannot count a sunroom as part of the square footage of your home unless it has heating or cooling capabilities.

Studio Sunroom Roof Types

Studio Sunrooms commonly feature a flat or slightly angled roof.  This roof style is commonly referred to as a straight eave roof and its angle will depend on the angle of your existing home's roof.  Some rooms are built with a Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) system that provides added insulation and also allows the roof to be flatter without the need for an attic.  The roof is single sloped and is typically attached to the house itself or to the fascia.  Just as with the windows and walls, the roof can be insulated or not depending on your climate and your intended use.  Many manufacturers offer glass roof systems to let more light in.  Keep in mind, the more glass you use, the more you could be in need of better insulation.  With an all glass room with single panes and no insulation, the room will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  Depending on the extremes of hot and cold in your climate this may or may not be a problem for you.

Manufacturers of Studio Sunrooms

  • Admiral Sunrooms, Inc: Offers straight eve low maintenance rooms
  • C-Thru Industries, Inc: Offers straight eave and curved eave rooms
  • Four Seasons Sunrooms, Inc: Offers studio sunrooms featuring Conservaglass
  • Joyce Manufacturing: Offers Oasis Leisure Rooms with multiple options
  • Patio Enclosures, Inc: Offers vinyl and aluminum Allview studio sunrooms
  • Solar Innovations Inc: Offers wood and aluminum conservatories with many styles including double pitched, nose styled, and hip end. Features a wide range of decorative aluminum elements
  • Temo Sunrooms, Inc: Offers a cost effective line of studio sunrooms

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